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When: 4. December 2016 @ 9:30
Where: Meeting point, 1 Rue du parc, 3741 Rumelange, Luxemburg

09:30 AM – Meeting point at 1, rue du Parc Rumelange with procession and a mass in the gallery 11:00 AM – Reception at the “Salle de fête / Centre Culturel” 12:30 AM – Common Lunch – Choucroute & dessert 15€/pers. (Please do reservation at before November, 27th)

Saint Barbara’s Day in Rumelange

When: 14. December 2016 @ 18:00
Where: ADRAD-Kayldall Shack, Rümelingen, Luxemburg

Spend some time in the Shack and have afterwards dinner together at the restaurant.

Xmas party in our Shack

When: 28. May 2016 @ 11:00
Where: Cemetery in Winseler (L)

Due to the 10th day of death of Robert (LX1RQ), Ed (LX1EA) will organize on Saturday, 28th May 2016 at 11:00 AM, a memorial dedicated to Robert at the cemetery in Winseler (L). After the memorial, it is possible to assist on a lunch. If you want to assist, please[...]

10th day of death of LX1RQ

When: 26. March 2016 @ 18:30
Where: Restaurant Le Perroquet, 36 Grand-Rue, 3730 Rumelange, Lëtzebuerg

More details will follow by mail.

General Assembly

When: 9. September 2016 – 11. September 2016 all-day
Where: Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Schule Weinheim, Multring 76, 69469 Weinheim, Germany


UKW-Tagung Weinheim

When: 20. May 2016 – 22. May 2016 all-day
Where: Hara Arena Dayton, 1001 Shiloh Springs Rd, Dayton, OH 45415, USA


Hamvention Dayton

When: 13. January 2016 @ 19:00
Where: Restaurant Le Perroquet, 56 Grousstrooss, 3730 Rümelingen, Luxembourg

THE monthly meeting of the ADRAD Kayldall in Rumelange. We meet in the Pizzeria Le Perroquet at 19:00 (address: 56, Grand-Rue L-3730 Rumelange, Luxembourg) where we will drink and eat something and have a few nice hours together. If you want to join, simply be there at 19:00! ‘Til then!

Monthly meeting