ADRAD Kayldall
Association des radioamateurs du Kayldall
On the air since 1979 Clubcall LX9AK
ADRAD Kayldall P.O.Box 26 L-3601 KAYL Luxembourg
Repeaters Repeaters Committee and Contact Committee and Contact Membership Membership Links Links ADRAD HAM Infos ADRAD HAM Infos ADRAD on Facebook ADRAD on Facebook ! LX0RSX is back on Air ! (08.08.2021)    51,830 Mhz (-0,6) CTCSS 123Hz
ADRAD Kayldall on Jota-Joti 2021 with QO-100 activities Where ? FNEL Scouts Home 61a, rue de Trèves L-2630 Luxembourg (Cents)